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Geneticists tap human knockouts
Nature, 31 October 2014
Technique keeps tumors alive in 3D to test individual cancer therapies
Medgadget, 31 October 2014
Cellular alchemy turns skin cells into brain cells
New Scientist, 31 October 2014
Trap cells in sound to create strong cartilage
New Scientist, 31 October 2014
A personalised mini-stomach, grown in a dish
National Geographic, 31 October 2014
Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk
CNN, 31 October 2014
Coal is the source of the Four Corners methane hot spot
DOE Pulse, 28 October 2014
Test tube milk the latest to hit the engineered food scene
Gizmag, 28 October 2014
Corneal Implants Might Make Reading Glasses Obsolete
NPR, 28 October 2014
Sweat-analyzing skin patch could replace blood sampling
Gizmag, 28 October 2014
Human Skin Contains An Odor Receptor That Responds To Sandalwood Smells
Neomatica, 28 October 2014
To beat malaria and dengue, vaccinate the mosquitoes
Science, 28 October 2014
Biological litmus paper detects Ebola strains
New Scientist, 28 October 2014
This is what brain cell conversations look like
New Scientist, 28 October 2014
Siri’s Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask
Wired, 28 October 2014
Ultra pure silicon could pave way for more quantum computing research
28 October 2014
Huge Magnetic ‘Ropes’ Drive Powerful Sun Explosions
Space.com, 24 October 2014
A Shield for Rydberg Atoms
Physics, 24 October 2014
Two Photons into One
Physics, 24 October 2014
Seeing the Glass of Milk as All Empty
Physics, 24 October 2014
Physicists see potential dark matter from the Sun
Nature, 24 October 2014
Cyanide test for cassava
Chemistry World, 24 October 2014
Optically rewritable 3D liquid crystal displays
Nanowerk, 24 October 2014
Scientists use nanoparticles to fight ovarian cancer
Nanowerk, 24 October 2014
High precision 3D printing of metals warms up
Materials Today, 24 October 2014
Energy storage of the future
PhysOrg, 24 October 2014
Boron-doped diamond sends a clear signal to the brain
Materials Today, 24 October 2014
See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders
PhysOrg, 24 October 2014
Superconducting circuits, simplified: New circuit design could unlock the power of experimental superconducting computer chips
Nanotechnology Now, 23 October 2014
Turning up the heat to make kelp a viable source of biofuel
Gizmag, 23 October 2014
Chemists tackle battery overcharge problem
PhysOrg, 23 October 2014
Versatile bioink prints tissue scaffolds in 3D
Materials Today, 23 October 2014
Copper iodide phosphors could mean less-expensive LEDs
Gizmag, 23 October 2014
New self-assembly method for fabricating graphene nanoribbons
PhysOrg, 23 October 2014
Reversible tractor beam can repel and attract objects
Gizmag, 23 October 2014
Bioinspired graphene aerogel for oil spills
Materials Today, 23 October 2014
Extremely stretchable hydrogels may be used in artificial muscles
PhysOrg, 23 October 2014
Imaging electric charge propagating along microbial nanowires
PhysOrg, 23 October 2014
Cheap, ultra low-power light source runs on just 0.1 Watts
Gizmag, 23 October 2014
Materials for the next generation of electronics and photovoltaics: MacArthur Fellow develops new uses for carbon nanotubes
Nanotechnology Now, 23 October 2014
Miniature two-color barcodes have the potential to combat forgery and track cancerous cells
Nanowerk, 23 October 2014
Facetless crystals that mimic starfish shells could advance 3D-printing pills (w/video)
Nanowerk, 23 October 2014
Molecular magnets swirl together
Nanowerk, 23 October 2014
Cleansing the ionic impurities in LCDs with nanoparticles
Nanowerk, 23 October 2014
Light finds a one-way street
Nanowerk, 23 October 2014
Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways
Nanotechnology Now, 23 October 2014
Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant
BBC, 23 October 2014
Brain barrier opened for first time to treat cancer
New Scientist, 23 October 2014
Brain Cells With Alzheimer’s Disease Grown in a Petri Dish
Discover Magazine, 23 October 2014
Scientists use protein to restore hearing to deaf mice
Gizmag, 23 October 2014


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