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New graphene transistors could offer new high-frequency devices
Materials Today, 17 September 2014
Graphene-based, ultra-thin light detector peeks below the surface
Gizmag, 17 September 2014
New species of electrons can lead to better computing
PhysOrg, 17 September 2014
Ceramics don’t have to be brittle: Materials scientists are creating materials by design
PhysOrg, 17 September 2014
NTU spin-off achieves breakthrough with innovative multifunction membranes
PhysOrg, 17 September 2014
Study sheds new light on why batteries go bad
PhysOrg, 17 September 2014
A low-energy optical circuit for a new era of technology
Materials Today, 17 September 2014
Micro Chiplets
Technology Review, 16 September 2014
TLR5: A Novel Therapeutic Target And Possible Master Regulator Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Neomatica, 16 September 2014
New tools advance bio-logic
Science Daily, 16 September 2014
Artificial spleen cleans up blood
Nature, 16 September 2014
Electronic Film Breast Cancer Sensor
Medgadget, 16 September 2014
No-power Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel internet of things reality
ECN, 16 September 2014
IBM’s Brain-Inspired Computer Chip Comes from the Future
IEEE Spectrum, 16 September 2014
European Space Agency Reaches Verge of Breakthrough Comet Landing
Technology Review, 13 September 2014
Newly-discovered waste-eating bacteria could help in nuclear waste disposal
Gizmag, 13 September 2014
Sensors that improve rail transport safety
Science Daily, 13 September 2014
Stacking Cells Could Make Solar as Cheap as Natural Gas
Technology Review, 13 September 2014
Wearable vapor sensor can ‘smell’ diabetes
Futurity, 13 September 2014
Curing blindness: Vision quest
Nature, 13 September 2014
ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas May Finally Treat Type-1 Diabetes
Medgadget, 13 September 2014
Resistant To Radiation And Chemotherapy, Novel Rare Stem Cell Gives Hope To Men With Infertility
Neomatica, 13 September 2014
New detector captures unprecedented range of light, sees the layers between skin and bone
Medical News Today, 13 September 2014
Irish scientists develop improved malaria vaccine
Gizmag, 13 September 2014
Next-Generation Stem Cells Transplanted in Human for the First Time
Scientific American, 13 September 2014
Gut bugs may boost flu shot’s effects
Science, 13 September 2014
Sleeping brains can process and respond to words
New Scientist, 13 September 2014
Ultimate human stem cells created in the lab
New Scientist, 13 September 2014
Efficiency beyond spin-statistics in polymer-based hybrid LEDs
SPIE Newsroom, 12 September 2014
20-Year Mystery of the Universe’s Brightest Objects Solved
Space.com, 12 September 2014
Fractal-like honeycombs take the strain
Physics World, 12 September 2014
Breaking Beautiful
Physics Buzz, 12 September 2014
Higgs Mass Comes into Clearer Focus
Physics, 12 September 2014
Microwave Photons Move Out of Equilibrium
Physics, 12 September 2014
Visualizing helium’s interacting electrons
Physics World, 12 September 2014
Weird Comet Is Darker Than Charcoal
Space.com, 12 September 2014
Mother of Higgs boson found in superconductors
New Scientist, 12 September 2014
High-Precision Measurements Using Lots of Cold Atoms
Physics, 12 September 2014
Is This the Exascale Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For?
HPCwire, 12 September 2014
Next-Gen Glaucoma Treatments: Microfluidic Implant And Smart Phone App Monitoring
Neomatica, 10 September 2014
Simple and inexpensive lab test identifies resistant infections in hours
Medical News Today, 10 September 2014
Breath temperature test could identify lung cancer
Medical News Today, 10 September 2014
‘Smart genes’ prove elusive
Nature, 10 September 2014
Richard C. DiPrima Prize goes to Thomas D. Trogdon
SIAM, 8 September 2014
Tiny Walking Robots Powered by Muscle Cells
IEEE Spectrum, 8 September 2014
Make robots useful by teaching them to talk like us
New Scientist, 8 September 2014
NASA Announces Next Mars Rover, and Opportunity Sets Distance Record
IEEE Spectrum, 8 September 2014
Climate Connections: Peak Change
YALE Climate Connections, 8 September 2014
Europe drafts emergency energy plan with eye on Russia gas shut-down
Reuters, 8 September 2014
These 6 actions could reduce water scarcity by 2050
Futurity, 8 September 2014


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