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A new type of glass could double your smartphone’s battery life
Gizmag, 23 January 2015
PET bottles transformed into photodegradable, waterproof paper
Gizmag, 23 January 2015
Technology to recycle all type of plastics without using water
PhysOrg, 21 January 2015
Organic synthons yield hyperbranched crop
Chemistry World, 21 January 2015
Sniffing Out Hydrogen Sulfide In Cells
C&EN, 21 January 2015
Mystery of why ‘structural red’ colours are not found in nature is solved
Chemistry World, 21 January 2015
Ductile materials for Arctic conditions
PhysOrg, 21 January 2015
Blowing up brain tissue with swelling polymer delivers sharper images
Chemistry World, 21 January 2015
Caddisfly silk gets shocked into self-recovery
Chemistry World, 21 January 2015
High-speed 3D microscopy approach images live, freely moving samples
BioOptics World, 21 January 2015
Virginia Tech scientists developing two-minute test for autism spectrum disorder
Medical News Today, 21 January 2015
Mouthpiece could let the deaf “hear” through their tongues
Gizmag, 21 January 2015
First anti-obesity electronic implant wins US approval
New Scientist, 21 January 2015
Mice are first pioneers of medical micromissiles
New Scientist, 21 January 2015
Quashing Stubborn Hospital Infections Relies on Genetic Sequencing
Scientific American, 21 January 2015
Drug injection protects monkeys from vaginal HIV infection
Los Angeles Times, 21 January 2015
Artist Tests Color-Blind Correction Glasses
Discover Magazine, 21 January 2015
Have Water, Will Charge
Physics, 19 January 2015
Orbital Engineering, By Design
Physics, 19 January 2015
A Cavity Just for Two
Physics, 19 January 2015
Integrated photonics for on-chip signaling
SPIE Newsroom, 19 January 2015
Milky Way’s Monster Black Hole Unleashes Record-Breaking X-ray Flare
Space.com, 19 January 2015
First MRI Images Of Diamond Vacancies
Technology Review, 19 January 2015
Did Gravity Save the Universe from ‘God Particle’ Higgs Boson?
Space.com, 19 January 2015
Whence Antineutrinos?
Physics, 19 January 2015
Imaginary Magnetic Fields in the Real World
Physics, 19 January 2015
First Direct Measurement of Gravity’s Curvature
Physics, 19 January 2015
Half-Light, Half-Matter Quantum Particles a Step toward Practical Quantum Computing Platforms
Scientific Computing, 19 January 2015
Electron-rich ions retain charge when softly landed
DOE Pulse, 16 January 2015
New fabric turns your body into a furnace
Science, 16 January 2015
New technique lowers cost of 3D nanostructures
The Engineer, 16 January 2015
DNA Can Carry Current, a Promising Step Toward Molecular Electronics
IEEE Spectrum, 16 January 2015
Skyrmions: Communication With Magnetic Swirls Instead of Electrons
IEEE Spectrum, 16 January 2015
First contracting human muscle ever grown in laboratory
Gizmag, 15 January 2015
Printed Tattoo Glucose Sensor Takes On Hated Pinpricks
Medgadget, 15 January 2015
Haemophilia’s Crippling Joint Pain Is a Target for Scientists
Scientific American, 15 January 2015
Agriculture: State-of-the-art soil
Nature, 15 January 2015
GMO Potatoes Have Arrived. But Will Anyone Buy Them?
NPR, 15 January 2015
Time for a ‘Completely Different’ Haemophilia Treatment?
Scientific American, 15 January 2015
Drug shown to prevent and treat diabetes in mice
Gizmag, 15 January 2015
Next Generation Neural Implants Let Mice with Spinal Cord Injuries Walk Again (VIDEO)
Medgadget, 12 January 2015
Blood Test Tells How Long Concussion Symptoms Will Last
Scientific American, 12 January 2015
Making Evolution Make Microbes Make Products
Scientific American, 12 January 2015
Fully functioning human intestine grown in mouse
New Scientist, 12 January 2015
Weavers Turn Silk Into Diabetes Test Strips
NPR, 12 January 2015
Scientists develop a weight-loss pill that fools the stomach
Los Angeles Times, 12 January 2015
Sterile Neutrinos Still Theoretical
Scientific American, 9 January 2015
Controlling Magnetism by Electricity
Physics, 9 January 2015
Counting Atoms without Disturbance
Physics, 9 January 2015
Coherent Doppler lidar to investigate wind turbulence
SPIE Newsroom, 9 January 2015


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