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The Pacific’s Wayward Child
The Economist, 29 July 2014
‘Superradiant’ discovery opens new path to superfast quantum computing
Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence, 29 July 2014
A low-cost ‘super-resolution’ microscopic optical device
Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence, 29 July 2014
Physicists find way to boot up experimental quantum computers 72 times faster than previously possible
Science Daily, 29 July 2014
Hubble’s Time-Lapse of a ‘Light Echo’
The Atlantic, 29 July 2014
How A Tiny Fly’s Ears Could Help You Hear Better
NPR, 27 July 2014
Human platelets successfully generated using next-generation bioreactor
Science Daily, 27 July 2014
Molecular Computer Detects Ebola and Marburg Viruses
Scientific American, 27 July 2014
Experimental ‘pulse radiotherapy’ kills cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue
Cancer Research UK‎, 27 July 2014
Cystic Fibrosis Might Be 2 Diseases
Scientific American, 27 July 2014
Vaccine for dust-mite allergies created
Science Daily, 27 July 2014
Researchers Successfully Purge HIV DNA from Human Cells
Science Blog, 27 July 2014
3D-printed spine cage enables customized spinal fusion surgery
Gizmag, 27 July 2014
Smart goggles let helicopter pilots see through fog
New Scientist, 27 July 2014
FDA approves new opioid pain reliever designed to be hard to abuse
Los Angeles Times, 27 July 2014
Ketamine can be a wonder drug for ER patients, physicians
Science Daily, 27 July 2014
Finding the ‘heart’ of an obstacle to superconductivity
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Boosting the force of empty space
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Nerve implant retrains your brain to stop tinnitus
New Scientist, 27 July 2014
Why it’s so hard to develop a drug for cystic fibrosis
Science, 27 July 2014
Chemist develops X-ray vision for quality assurance
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
‘Comb on a chip’ powers new atomic clock design
Science Daily, 27 July 2014
Particle Dense Suspensions Lead to a Smoother Surface
Physics Buzz, 27 July 2014
Helium ion beam milling for plasmonic nanoantennas
SPIE Newsroom, 27 July 2014
Researchers develop an optical system that enhances visualization in opaque environments such as skin
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
The future of ultrashort laser pulses
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Creating optical cables out of thin air
Science Daily, 27 July 2014
The Emirates Paves Way for a Middle East Space Program with Its Mission to Mars (Op-Ed)
Space.com, 27 July 2014
The first direct-diode laser bright enough to cut and weld metal
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Wingtip vortices are a result of the finite length of a wing
FYFD, 27 July 2014
Near real-time monitoring of algal blooms
SPIE Newsroom, 27 July 2014
Plasmonic chip diagnoses diabetes
Physics World, 27 July 2014
Fermi finds a ‘transformer’ pulsar
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Nanoantennas as Photo Film Boost Optical Data Storage
Photonics.com, 27 July 2014
The Hunt for Exoplanets Heats Up
Space.com, 27 July 2014
Why galactic black hole fireworks were a flop
Nature, 27 July 2014
Transistor successor set to bring on The Machine age soon
Nature, 27 July 2014
Flexible, Printed Batteries for Wearable Devices
Technology Review, 27 July 2014
Enhanced NIST instrument enables high-speed chemical imaging of tissues
PhysOrg, 27 July 2014
Waste paper turned into a super-spongy battery
New Scientist, 27 July 2014
How To Watch An Animal Develop Cell By Cell
Popular Science, 27 July 2014
Identifying the genetic roots of schizophrenia
CNN, 25 July 2014
Sandstone Arches Form Under Their Own Stress
Scientific American, 25 July 2014
Is the universe a bubble? Let’s check: Making the multiverse hypothesis testable
Science Daily, 25 July 2014
These Quadcopter Dropships Could Land Rovers on Mars (Video)
Space.com, 25 July 2014
Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink
PhysOrg, 25 July 2014
Largest laser gives diamond a record-setting squeeze
New Scientist, 25 July 2014
Test of equivalence principle searches for effects of spin-gravity coupling
PhysOrg, 25 July 2014
Toward ultimate light efficiency on the cheap
PhysOrg, 25 July 2014
New Medical Scan Requires Less Touching
Physics, 25 July 2014


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