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Students Aim for Space with 3D-Printed Rocket Engine
Space.com, 4 July 2015
Facebook Will Use These Lasers To Beam Internet From The Sky
Popular Science, 4 July 2015
Swarm Satellites begin to Untangle Magnetic Complexity
Scientific Computing, 4 July 2015
AI’s Next Frontier: Machines That Understand Language
Wired, 4 July 2015
Researchers train computer to create games by watching YouTube
PhysOrg, 4 July 2015
Could ‘virtual reality’ treat alcoholism?
Science Daily, 4 July 2015
Programming Intelligent Underwater Robots
4 July 2015
Sensors and Drones Help Improve Health and Productivity of Agricultural Crops
AZoRobotics, 4 July 2015
The Computer Chip That Never Forgets
IEEE Spectrum, 4 July 2015
Opening a new route to photonics: Researchers find way to control light in densely packed nanowaveguides
Science Daily, 4 July 2015
Graphene Magnetic Sensor Hundred Times More Sensitive Than Silicon
IEEE Spectrum, 4 July 2015
Energy Boost from Black Holes
Physics, 4 July 2015
A Black Hole Just Awakened from Its Slumber
VICE, 3 July 2015
New Study Points to Inherent Biases in Big Data Collection
Technology Org, 3 July 2015
How computers are learning to make human software work more efficiently
The Conversation, 3 July 2015
D-Wave Systems Smashes the 1000 Qubit Quantum Computing Barrier
33rd Square, 3 July 2015
App Stores for the Brain: Privacy and Security in Brain-Computer Interfaces
IEEE, 3 July 2015
Sheet metal: Ultrathin metallic Rh nanosheets
Materials Views, 3 July 2015
Nanospiked bacteria are the brightest hard X-ray emitters
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
Room temperature fabrication of silver nanoparticles may hold key to electronics advances
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
Better memory with faster lasers
PhysOrg, 3 July 2015
Team develops new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion
R&D Mag, 3 July 2015
Self-assembly of molecular Archimedean polyhedra
PhysOrg, 3 July 2015
Bio-inspired catalyst paves the way to gas-to-liquid technologies
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
New Contact Lens Coating For Fighting Eye Infections
C&EN, 3 July 2015
Elastic gel to heal wounds
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
New micro-supercapacitor structure inspired by the intricate design of leaves
PhysOrg, 3 July 2015
The inside story: MRI imaging shows how plants can inspire new engineering materials
R&D Mag, 3 July 2015
Chemists characterize 3-D macroporous hydrogels
R&D Mag, 3 July 2015
Effective control of warping during injection molding
SPE Plastics Research Online, 3 July 2015
Self-assembled 2D materials for cheaper solar energy storage
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
Magnesium nanoparticles improve hydrogen storage
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
Substrates change nanoparticle reactivity
PhysOrg, 3 July 2015
Research could help point the finger at drug dealers
PhysOrg, 3 July 2015
Graphene flexes its electronic muscles
Nanowerk, 3 July 2015
Researchers map 3D distribution of carbon nanotubes in composite materials
Nanowerk, 2 July 2015
Reviving cottonseed meals adhesives potential
PhysOrg, 2 July 2015
Pomegranate-like nanocomposites: The new avenue of graphene in water splitting
PhysOrg, 2 July 2015
Atmospheric science: Air pollution triggers floods
Nature, 2 July 2015
Tesla batteries might power your home but stored fuels will still run the country
The Conversation, 2 July 2015
A Better Lithium Ion Battery At Half the Cost
New Energy and Fuel, 2 July 2015
Microrobots to drill through blocked arteries
Medgadget, 2 July 2015
Artificial platelets promote clotting, may serve as prophylactic for soldiers in battle
Medgadget, 2 July 2015
UCLA patient successfully receives smaller Total Artificial Heart
News Medical, 2 July 2015
‘Artificial pancreas’ holds promise for easier control of type 1 diabetes
Medical News Today, 2 July 2015
3D-Printed Aerogels Improve Energy Storage
NASA Tech Briefs, 2 July 2015
Rain Harvesting Could Provide Major Economic Benefit in India, Study Finds
Yale Environment 360, 2 July 2015
Fuels from Canadian Oil Sands Have Larger Carbon Footprint, Analysis Says
Yale Environment 360, 2 July 2015
Article Airplane Coatings Help Recoup Fuel Efficiency Lost To Bug Splatter
C&EN, 2 July 2015
Cellulose fibers take off
Materials Today, 2 July 2015


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