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Needle-sized mechanical wrist gives surgery a new angle
Gizmag, 27 July 2015
Object recognition for robots
MIT, 27 July 2015
What You Need to Know About Kepler-452b, the Most Earthlike Planet Yet
VICE, 27 July 2015
Powerful ceramic fuel cells could enable in-home production of electricity from natural gas
PhysOrg, 27 July 2015
Digging for Geothermal Energy with Hypersonic Projectiles
IEEE Spectrum, 27 July 2015
Nanomaterials and UV light can “trap” chemicals for easy removal from soil and water
PhysOrg, 27 July 2015
Research could yield more resilient ceramic material for future spacecraft
PhysOrg, 27 July 2015
Degrading BPA with visible light and a new hybrid nanoparticle photocatalyst
Nanowerk, 27 July 2015
Sticky tape the key to ultrathin solar cells
R&D Mag, 27 July 2015
Silicone bracelet set to pick-up on chemical exposure
Chemistry World, 26 July 2015
Gallium phosphide nanowires boost hydrogen yield in prototype solar fuel cell
Gizmag, 26 July 2015
A cost effective means for counting white blood cells promises to improve diagnosis in low-resource areas
PhysOrg, 26 July 2015
Solving mysteries of conductivity in polymers
R&D Mag, 26 July 2015
Plantations of nanorods on carpets of graphene capture the Sun’s energy
Nanowerk, 26 July 2015
New technique to synthesize nanostructured nanowires
Nanowerk, 26 July 2015
Property of non-stick pans improves solar cell efficiency
R&D Mag, 26 July 2015
Perovskite solar technology shows quick energy returns
PhysOrg, 26 July 2015
Nanoparticle cats drawn at the flick of a switch
Chemistry World, 26 July 2015
New mussel-inspired surgical protein glue: Close wounds, open medical possibilities
PhysOrg, 25 July 2015
‘Molecular sponge’ advancement in storing hydrogen
PhysOrg, 25 July 2015
Scientists reveal ‘woodquakes’
Science Daily, 25 July 2015
N.S.A. Summer Camp: More Hacking Than Hiking
New York Times, 25 July 2015
Deep neural network program recognizes sketches more accurately than a human
Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence, 25 July 2015
MCity, the Town for Driverless Cars, Is Officially Open
VICE, 25 July 2015
Researchers make scalable arrays of ‘building blocks’ for ultrathin electronics
ECN, 25 July 2015
System Does Wi-Fi in Occupied TV Channels
IEEE Spectrum, 23 July 2015
Security Researchers Find a Way to Hack Cars
New York Times, 23 July 2015
Graphene ink to print energy storage devices
The Engineer, 23 July 2015
Diesel-Powered Fuel Cell Produces Clean Electricity
IEEE Spectrum, 23 July 2015
Genetic engineering creates rice strain that makes less methane
New Scientist, 23 July 2015
Watch: iridescent sea sapphires can turn invisible instantly
Wired UK, 23 July 2015
Nanoscale light-emitting device has big profile
R&D Mag, 23 July 2015
Fuel saving with adamantine coating
Materials Views, 23 July 2015
A most singular nano-imaging technique
Nanowerk, 23 July 2015
New family of chemical structures can effectively remove CO2 from gas mixtures
PhysOrg, 23 July 2015
New reaction pathway discovered
Materials Today, 23 July 2015
New paper describes first-ever synthesis of hyperbranched polymers
PhysOrg, 23 July 2015
Breaking the terahertz barrier for graphene nanoelectronics
R&D Mag, 23 July 2015
Plasmonic nanopyramids change the shape of things to come in biomolecular delivery
Nanowerk, 23 July 2015
Satisfying the hunger for a lightweight yet strong material
R&D Mag, 23 July 2015
Researchers have developed a new method to capture the 3D structures of nanocrystals (w/video)
Nanowerk, 23 July 2015
Study finds metal foams capable of shielding X-rays, gamma rays, neutron radiation
PhysOrg, 23 July 2015
Next-generation tissue implant allows neuroscientists to wirelessly control neurons inside the brains of mice
News Medical, 23 July 2015
Tiny wires, great potential
R&D Mag, 23 July 2015
Nanoprobe to detect single cancer cell
Nanowerk, 23 July 2015
Nanowires give ‘solar fuel cell’ efficiency a tenfold boost
Nanowerk, 23 July 2015
Study could lead to a new class of materials for making LEDs
PhysOrg, 23 July 2015
Using graphene to toughen rigid poly(vinyl chloride)
SPE Plastics Research Online, 23 July 2015
Lignin Nanoparticles Use Silver To Beat The Pulp Out Of Bacteria
C&EN, 22 July 2015
Harvesting the carbon from fizzy drinks
Materials Today, 22 July 2015


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