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Designer material clears hurdle for turning carbon dioxide into fuel
Science, 28 August 2015
New electric storage material could put more zip in your Tesla
Science, 28 August 2015
Nanotube implants show diagnostic potential
Nature, 28 August 2015
Mobile devices powered just by tapping your finger
Materials Today, 28 August 2015
Wyss Institute scientists develop improved blood-cleansing therapeutic device to treat sepsis
News Medical, 28 August 2015
Synchronization Controls Could Help Smooth Microgrids
IEEE Spectrum, 28 August 2015
Mapping the invisible scourge
The Economist, 25 August 2015
Superconductors Impact Tokamak Fusion Reactor Design
New Energy and Fuel, 25 August 2015
Physicists Solve the Mystery of Interleaved Phone Books
Technology Review, 25 August 2015
Black Phosphorus Takes a Step Toward CMOS
IEEE Spectrum, 25 August 2015
Highly dispersed screen-printable nanocomposite paste for self-cleaning curtain walls
PhysOrg, 25 August 2015
High-precision control of nanoparticles for digital applications
Nanotechnology Now, 25 August 2015
Laser-burned graphene a possible replacement for platinum as catalyst
Nanowerk, 25 August 2015
ACS Meeting News: Bimetallic Clusters Exhibit Exceptional Catalytic Ability
Chemical & Engineering News, 25 August 2015
New technology can expand LED lighting
R&D Mag, 25 August 2015
ACS Meeting News: Chemists Grind Up New Crystalline Metal-Organic Framework From Amorphous Material
Chemical & Engineering News, 25 August 2015
Scientists fabricate hexagonal silicon, potentially leading to light-emitting semiconductors
PhysOrg, 25 August 2015
Scientist develops new approach to rapidly identify toxic compounds in everyday materials such as clothing
PhysOrg, 25 August 2015
Processed perovskite has superior stability
Chemistry World, 25 August 2015
Twin Paradox on a Chip
ECN, 25 August 2015
Physicists Unveil First Quantum Interconnect
Technology Review, 25 August 2015
Broadband Laser Sees Infrared
IEEE Spectrum, 25 August 2015
Quantum-proof: Cryptographers Develop New Protocol to Secure Data from Tomorrow’s Supercomputers
Scientific Computing, 25 August 2015
Optimizing the quality and manufacture of nanocircuits
SPIE Newsroom, 25 August 2015
Inflatable Habitats: From the Space Station to the Moon and Mars?
Space.com, 25 August 2015
Deciphering Gamma Rays from a Dwarf Galaxy
Physics, 25 August 2015
Radical! Neon Found on the Moon
Space.com, 25 August 2015
Charge-order effects: Caltech announces discovery in fundamental physics
Technology Org, 25 August 2015
Record measurements of matter and antimatter
Technology Org, 25 August 2015
A Circularly Polarized Laser for All Labs
Physics, 25 August 2015
From Fluids to Flames, Research on the Space Station is Helping Advance Technology
Technology Org, 25 August 2015
A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton — ScienceDaily
Science Daily, 24 August 2015
Security Researchers Crack Popular Anti-Theft Protection for Cars
IEEE Spectrum, 24 August 2015
IBM harnesses the power of the rodent for its latest AI chip
TechRadar, 24 August 2015
Lighting up cancer cells with nanocrystals to identify low concentrations of diseased cells
Nanowerk, 24 August 2015
New, stable 2-D materials
R&D Mag, 24 August 2015
Making hydrogen fuel from water and visible light highly efficient
PhysOrg, 24 August 2015
Grape waste could make competitive biofuel
R&D Mag, 24 August 2015
Hydrophobic nanostructures stay dry for months underwater
Gizmag, 24 August 2015
A carbon capture strategy that pays
Science, 24 August 2015
Investigating the crystallization behavior of poly(lactic acid) materials
SPE Plastics Research Online, 24 August 2015
Is Candy Crush a good model for online learning?
Times Higher Education, 24 August 2015
Biophysics: Formation of swarms in nanosystems
Nanowerk, 24 August 2015
‘Yellow chemistry’ turns sulfur waste into plastics
PhysOrg, 24 August 2015
New internet routing method allows users to avoid sending data through undesired countries
PhysOrg, 24 August 2015
A peek into our robotic future
Technology Org, 24 August 2015
Superconductivity record sparks wave of follow-up physics
Nature, 24 August 2015
Breakthrough brings futuristic electronics a step nearer
Nanowerk, 24 August 2015
The world’s first electrically powered optical nanoantenna
Nanowerk, 24 August 2015
Challenge to classic theory of organic solar cells could improve efficiency
Nanowerk, 23 August 2015


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