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Metal particles in solids aren’t as fixed as they seem, new memristor study shows
ECN, 21 July 2014
Carbon Nanotubes Pitched as Post-Silicon Contender
HPCwire, 21 July 2014
Stretchy, bendy, stronger-than-ever graphene fiber
Futurity, 21 July 2014
The Thought Experiment
Technology Review, 21 July 2014
Robots Understand Instructions in Natural Language
AZoRobotics, 21 July 2014
Optogenetics and genomic tools make it possible to pinpoint the source of memory, consciousness, and emotions
Technology Review, 21 July 2014
Electronic noses sniff out disease
CNN, 21 July 2014
Biological pacemaker keeps a beat without the hardware
New Scientist, 21 July 2014
Shocks in the Cygnus Loop supernovae remnant
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
Van Allen Probes show how to accelerate electrons
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
Dark-matter searches get US government approval
Physics World, 21 July 2014
Large number of dark matter peaks found using gravitational lensing
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
ASU, USGS project yields sharpest map of Mars’ surface properties
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
Gold nanowires enable plasmonics in optical fibers
SPIE Newsroom, 21 July 2014
Competing for Advantage in a Phonon Laser
Physics, 21 July 2014
New combo drug controls tumor growth and metastasis in mice
Science Blog, 21 July 2014
Scientists challenge classical phenomenon that water always completely wets water
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
Entanglement between particle and wave-like states of light resembles Schrodinger’s cat experiment
PhysOrg, 21 July 2014
A Critical Test of Quantum Criticality
Physics, 21 July 2014
Using light to modulate the properties of a copper-based superconductor
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Scientists characterize carbon for batteries
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Nano-sized silicon oxide electrode for lithium ion batteries
Energy Harvesting Journal, 20 July 2014
The world’s first photonic router
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Can heart attack damage be reversed?
CNN, 20 July 2014
Food influences body clock and may ease jet lag
New Scientist, 20 July 2014
Southern Australia faces water crisis by end of century due to climate change
The Guardian, 20 July 2014
Researcher pushes the limits of light to improve performance in communication, fabrication, and medical imaging
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
One-photon absorption excitation for high-resolution nanoscopy
SPIE Newsroom, 20 July 2014
Earth-crushing pressure? This electron spin doesn’t care
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Making quantum connections: The speed of information in a spin network
Science Daily, 20 July 2014
Bose-Einstein Condensates for Gamma-Ray Lasers
Physics, 20 July 2014
Experiment Triggers Superhot Plasma Outbursts to Untangle Solar Flare Mystery
Scientific American, 20 July 2014
Artificial spacetime experiment could show tantalizing effects of gravitational waves
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Plasmons excite hot carriers
Physics World, 20 July 2014
Arrays of electrons trapped in nanoscale circuitry could form the basis for future scalable quantum computers
PhysOrg, 20 July 2014
Discovery of new means to erase pain
Science Daily, 20 July 2014
Why HIV Spreads Less Easily In Heterosexual Couples
NPR, 20 July 2014
Virus detected in baby ‘cured’ of HIV
CNN, 20 July 2014
Chemists develop novel catalyst with two functions
Science Daily, 20 July 2014
A new blue-light-emitter for fireworks
PhysOrg, 19 July 2014
Searching for the “Free Will” Neuron
Technology Review, 18 July 2014
If you build it, they will come: designing microbial ecosystems in cheese
Scientific American, 18 July 2014
Weight-loss surgery: A gut-wrenching question
Nature, 18 July 2014
Bean Curd Component Could Slash Solar Panel Costs
EE Times, 18 July 2014
Mathematical models explain how a wrinkle becomes a crease
Science Daily, 18 July 2014
Thin-film Solar Cells Freed From Toxic Processing
IEEE Spectrum, 17 July 2014
UK Approves World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm
IEEE Spectrum, 17 July 2014
One step to solar-cell efficiency
ECN, 17 July 2014
Using Sand to Improve Battery Performance
UCR, 17 July 2014
Layered paper 3D printers: Full colour, durable objects at a fraction of the cost
Gizmag, 17 July 2014


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